Top 5 GPS Tracking Devices for Kids


One of the worst nightmares of any parent is to look over their shoulder and see that their child has gone missing. Just imagine the panic it will cause if this happens in a crowded or unfamiliar area! For the peace of mind of parents everywhere, GPS tracking devices for kids have been developed. Not only are they useful for letting parents know the whereabouts of their children, but some of these devices have some nifty features that can be useful for both parent and child as well. This list includes some of the best GPS devices you can buy today.

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The Top 5 Wearable Gadgets of 2016


From wireless earbuds to smart watches, today’s wearable technology is the realization of yesterday’s sci-fi gadgets. Here is the countdown on the Top 5 wearable gadgets of 2016. Dot is the smallest Bluetooth earbud, which runs on Apple iOS. It’s simple to use; all it needs is a single touch to make calls and a long touch to activate Siri. With 2 on-board microphones for active noise cancellation, you can make calls or FaceTime (on your iPhone) with crystal-clear sound....

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Top Spy Gadgets Everyone Can Afford


One doesn't have to buy expensive spy gadgets for intelligence gathering,For under a hundred bucks,these are the among the best everyday use and more affordable spy tools/gadgets anyone can quickly use.

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6 Sleek Tracking Gadgets To Help You Track Lost Items With GPS Locators|Wallet Finder|Phone TrackR Product Review


If you are always looking losing your keys, wallet,bag,phone or things that you don't want to lose,then you here is the perfect solution to all that forgetfulness,carelessness or accident. Crowd GPS providing us a new way to locate lost items without a monthly fee or expensive GPS device. Crowd GPS requires another TrackR user to walk by the lost item to update the owner of the lost item with a GPS update of where the item is located. You can learn more and see a map of Crowd GPS coverage at this link.Here are 6 sleek tracking gadgets, to help you locate your lost or misplaced items with your smart devices or phones.

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More Reasons Why You May Want To Install Remote Wireless IP Cameras.

6 More Reasons Why You May Want To Install Remote Wireless IP Cameras 3

Remote Wireless IP Cameras are useful for various reasons but before ever setting out to buy a security Camera system,you must narrow down to your specific need which can vary from surveillance to security purposes.However,there are other useful applications for Wireless IP security cameras you may never have thought of.Below,i have compiled a list of commons reasons why you may need to install a security camera system.

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Top 7 Gadgets To Watch Out For In 2016

Audi HTC Vive VR Configurator.

If it seems like months now that you've been seeing this hoverboard concept from Lexus, that's because it has been. Called "Slide," it is a skateboard-like device that floats a few inches above the ground, promising the ultimate in futuristic, personal travel. To pull off this seemingly impossible feat, the thing contains a series of magnets and superconductors cooled by liquid nitrogen.

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7 Best Home Wireless Ip Security Surveillance Cameras Perfect For Home And Small Businesses In 2016

7 Best Home Wireless Ip Security Surveillance Cameras Perfect For Home And Small Businesses In 2016 14

WIRELESS IP SECURITY The Advantages Of setting up a security surveillance or intrusion detection systems for your home,businesses and property is numerous. Keeping a record of events of what really goes on on around you is

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The Parrot Disco – First Impression

The 700-gram Parrot Disco drone.

Parrot decided to play the surprise card at CES in Las Vegas with a drone of a kind somewhat unusual: the quad copter called Disco.At first glance, the parrot is pretty remarkable with a wing shaped design, its imposing size and its unique propeller placed at the back.

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Chinese Drone Maker Ehang Inc Unveils World’s First Human Passenger Drone.

Chinese Drone Maker Ehang Inc Unveils World's First Human Passenger Drone. 1

    The revelation of the first human passenger drone at CES in Las Vegas is raising eyes brows in military circles across the western hemisphere. Ehang Inc, the developer of the drone, described its Ehang 184

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Hidden cameras are very important..Here’s Why

Hidden cameras are very important..Here's Why 2

Security Cameras and Surveillance Systems        Often,People find it quite necessary to make arrangements for the protection of property and home by a valid safety methods. The helpful material about the safety systems can

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The Micro Drone 2.0


The Micro Drone 2.0 is a great quadcopter for both beginners and experts. With its self-stabilizing feature, it has an improved stability to make flying easier for any person with any skill set. This impressive

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How To Fly A Quadcopter

How to fly a drone

Beginner’s Guide to Flying Quadcopters   As a beginner, knowing how to fly a quadcopter for the first time can bring great fun and excitement. However, it can also be scary and disorienting, especially if

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